Monday, October 16, 2017

actual conversation ...

... that took place in my home today:

Phone rings ...

K:  Yes, Dear?
R:  Where on the ceiling is the crack?

K:  Is the handyman there yet?
R:  Yes, he's right here with me.  We're in the bathroom.

K:  Well, look up.  It's on the ceiling.
R:  But where?

K:  It's over the bathtub.
R:  Where over the bathtub?
K:  On the CEILING.

R:  In the shower?
K:  No, the bathtub.

R:  But where?
K:  LOOK UP.  It's on the ceiling.

R:  We're standing in the shower and we don't see it.
K:  THE TUB!  Look over the tub!!

R:  Is it IN the tub?

R:  We don't see it.  Can you see it?

I knew what he meant, but I couldn't resist playing with him some more.

K:  I can see it.  It's right there ... over the tub.

R:  Is it on the ceiling?

K:  Let's start over.  It's ON THE CEILING, OVER THE TUB.
R:  We're in the shower ...

Ay Yi Yi.

And when I got home for lunch today ... the crack was still there, just smiling away at me.


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