Monday, November 6, 2017

my dear darling daughter ...

... is due home for a vacation break in exactly 7 days and 3 hours.  Yes, she has been counting it down.   For someone who LOVES her job, I'm surprised that she wants a break so badly.  But then again, everyone needs a break ... even people who live in the Hawaiian islands.

She's dying to see her cat and she's dying to see her car.  She's not dying to see her parents, though ... because she just saw us!   I certainly couldn't say anything about it, though, just in case she read this blog.  And you never know.

But on October 18th, Rick and I headed out to surprise her on Kauai.

And surprise her, we did.

This was how she looked when she saw us and tried to process what she was seeing.

This was how I looked when I saw her.  Nope, it wasn't windy there, why?

This was how our luggage looked when they saw TSA.

This is how they shaped up when TSA said they couldn't board in their present condition.

See that black backpack on the end?  It didn't shape up enough and stayed behind.  Somewhere.  I guess it lives in Honolulu now.

I hope it's very happy.

This is how the three of us looked once we all settled down and realized we were in Hawaii.  My hair never did settle down.  Maybe it's still in Hawaii, too.

This was our welcoming committee.  He and his cohorts followed us all over the island.

This was the first thing we bought Elizabeth.  She was thirsty and we complied.  I guess they never give her anything to drink aboard ship.

Here's what Rick and I dined on.

Good ol' McDonalds.  They never miss a beat.

Next up?

The rest of the story.

Don't worry, we were only there for four days.  It won't take long.


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