Wednesday, November 8, 2017

still in hawaii

So, exactly why did Rick and I head to Hawaii?  And for only four days?

We had to.

This fortune was in my fortune cookie about a week before and I always take fortune cookies very seriously.  Especially when it comes in TWO DIFFERENT COOKIES!  The gods really wanted me to take a vacation, I guess.

So, I complied.  And I made Rick comply, too.  After all, why rile up the fortune gods?

Thought I'd show you some of the fun things we learned in Hawaii ...

I learned that when floors are wet, you must dance.  And it must be a hoe-down.

If necessary, though, you can sit down while you dance.  I prefer this slip 'n' slide move myself.

It's hard to dance, though, when your feet are not allowed.  
Maybe that rule is only for purple feet.

This foot didn't dance.  But it did find itself some sand.

... and some water.  It hadn't seen an ocean in a very long time.

No feet here, but Peter Pan was discovered in Hawaii, too.

Did my hair ever calm down?

Nope.  Sure glad the 'comb over' is back in style...

And that's our lesson for today.

Not sure what we learned ... but we learned it good.


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