Friday, November 10, 2017


Our trip was short and sweet so there's not much to recap ... but here goes.

When you go to Hawaii ... watch out for Nene's.  They are allowed to cross when they see this sign.

I took this picture of this gorgeous golf course.  I didn't notice the storm coming in.  I also don't see the restaurant we ate at.  

A)  I was totally in the wrong spot for our dinner that night.
B) I didn't care, because the view was beautiful.
C)  It was my birthday and I was allowed to do whatever I wanted.

We eventually did find the restaurant we were looking for ... but it was nowhere near here.

It was nowhere near here, either.

But it IS a gorgeous shot, thank you very much.

This pretty sight was our view from our hotel room.  
Not too shabby.

Rick liked it, too.
We enjoyed this view while dining on our fine Hawaiian cuisine.

McHamburgers and McFries.
Yea, Hawaii!

And while we were "home" in our high-rise digs, my dear, darling daughter was "home" in her own digs.
Meet, The Pride of America ... my daughter's home away from home.

Behind all of that barbed wire, security guards, police and passenger-check-in stuff ...

lies a tiny twin bed and a tiny Barbie-sized closet that my daughter calls "home" ...

for three more days anyway.


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