Thursday, October 5, 2017

hello? GOODBYE!

Remember that condo in Idaho?   I've been busy releasing it.  I didn't really want to ... but it will keep peace within the family, so it's the best idea I could come up with.  It is no longer a vacation rental, it will be a full time rental as of October 15th.

I had it stuffed with beautiful decor and wonderful furniture ... and I gave my "sister" permission to sell the furniture and pack up the decor for when I next come to town. 

She got it backwards.  She sold all of the decor and packed up a bed.  Yep, I'm stuck with one bed now. 

Wait, what?

I simply said to save all of the travel motif/decor for Elizabeth since I was saving it all for her ... and poof, it's all gone.   My dear, darling sister was so proud of herself for selling everything, too.   She'd say, "I just sold the coffee pot!" and I'd say, "NO, NOT THE COFFEE POT!"  And she'd say oops.

My sister's funeral is Thursday.  Or sooner if I can get up there.

Memories .... light the corners of my .... wait, she probably sold that, too.

Nice bed.  But don't come visit us ... it isn't there anymore.

Nice table and lamp.  Gone. 

I used to have a bookshelf.   With books.

I loved this container.  Why of why did she sell this??

Hey, the lamp came back.  Oh wait.  Just the photo did.  Nice lamp.  Wish I had it.

Good thing I didn't really like these coffee pictures ...

Ten to one, I no longer own those dish towels, either.

I was given this couch by my new mother.  Bye bye, couch.


I loved this heater.  It kept me warm ... once.


I loved that TV.  It kept me happy ... once.

I guess Jeana couldn't lift it.

Somehow I'm doubtful that I still have a guest book.

Or a sign.

I loved this bulletin board and key rack.
No, not really.    Still...

I really DID love these items.  Those are keys hanging over the sink.
How am I going to get into the sink now, without the keys???

Jeana gave me this sign.
I used to love this sign ...

The only piece of furniture left standing.  Or left at all.
I guess you can come visit us.
You can sleep here! 

She managed to save that sign on the wall.
Too bad I hate that sign.

Gone.  You can no longer Relax, Refresh nor Renew.

You can't tell time, either.

And don't ever plan on toasting your bread again ...



I guess I'm homeless now.
Well, I'm at least toastless.


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