Wednesday, September 13, 2017

and then ...

... we bought us a house.

Well, I put on some clothes first.

Yep, yesterday Rick and I had the afternoon off together and whoops?  We bought a house!

My best friend and roommate Nancy went out for some ice cream once and she didn't come home and she didn't come home and then suddenly she burst into our apartment gleefully.  "Guess what I just did??!!"   She got her ice cream alright, but while eating it, she decided she wanted to go look at new cars.  She came home in a new car.

I've always laughed at how someone could be so impulsive.  I'm no longer laughing.  This is my second time around coming home with a new house.  Well, I didn't exactly come home with it ... in fact, I can't even bring it home until NEXT AUGUST!!  Dang it.  That stupid layaway plan.  Something about making sure it had doors and windows.

Actually, this is our first go around at having a house built.  It should be fun.  I know it's been a hoot so far.

So, I gave them my monies and signed my life away ... and here goes nothing!

There she is.  Isn't she purty?  That's my room up top there.

Another view.  We don't get that 3rd car garage ... oh how I wish we did.

Rick likes his new house.  Of course, he thinks he's getting the model.  Wait until they tell him he has to leave.  I'm suspecting some fireworks, I am.

This is my favorite room.  Not quite sure what to do with it yet, though.  The paperwork is calling it a mud room.  Like, seriously?  We're all supposed to take off our shoes here ... and dump our mud?

No wait.  This is my favorite room.  It goes to ... nowhere.  But I like it!

This would be Rick's favorite room if he was willing to go upstairs.  I know he's not, though.  So, I guess this is MY favorite room.  No boys allowed.  Even if they DO know how to play pool.

So THIS is really my favorite room.  It leads up to my favorite room.  And since there's no boys allowed, it can truly be my favorite room.  All mine.  The 'She Shack'.  Or the 'Girl's Getaway'.  Ooh, I know!  The 'Lady's Lounge'.

Scratch that last one.  Although there is a bathroom up there.

Mademoiselle's Manor?  Damsel's Delight?  Peaceful Palace?

Let's stick with Kris' Corner.  'Cuz that's really what it is.

Look what was growing just outside where the house is to be built ... a gorgeous sunflower, ready to welcome us.

And I've since learned that a sunflower is really a weed.

It figures.  A weed is waiting to wave us in.

And tangle up around all of our plumbing and cost of zillions of dollars and tons of frustration ...

Wait, it'll simply welcome us.

Till we mow it down.


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