Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Since last checking in, my dear, darling, daughter Elizabeth has been dragging me all over creation completing tasks that she has been unable to do while cooped up on a ship for 18 weeks.  18 LONG weeks, as she tells everyone who'll listen.  And d,d,d Elizabeth has missed quite a few things while being gone.  Most notably, Chipotle.  It's hard to believe, but that child went a whole eighteen weeks without Chipotle.  I'm sure Chipotle noticed.  I'm sure they were considering filing Chapter 11 over it.  Maybe 13.  Maybe both.

Besides Chipotle, I've also eaten a gluten-free Thanksgiving meal that d,d,d E prepared, as well as a gluten-free fish and quinoa meal just last night that she put her brain to.  The Thanksgiving meal?  Well, I've had better.  This one would've been better, too, if we hadn't forgotten the mashed potatoes.  The fish last night?  Well, a glutenful crusting would've been nice.  But fish?  All plain and alone?  Huh uh.  And you may keep the quinoa.  Please keep the quinoa.

We've seen Reba McIntire in concert, we'll be seeing Celtic Thunder soon and, of course, her favorite, Cirque du Soleil.  She's drug me along to Christmas Light Display after Christmas Light Display.  Can't get her to put lights on OUR tree, though. 

Tonight is a holiday concert at our church.  We'll go.  Wouldn't want her to miss that.  (Actually I'm singing in it ... so I wish she WOULD miss it.)  I'm sure we'll find a gluten-free bakery after that.

If you drive by my house in the next five weeks, you will not see Rick's car in the driveway.  Nope.  That car has travelled to as many events with d,d,d E.  I can't tell if it WANTS to go or it if just likes that it's finally getting some action.  Rick doesn't drive it much anymore.

And finally, d,d,d E has a little jaunt planned to Miami now.  It's always somewhere.  If she drags me along, I swear I'll drop from exhaustion.  I'm not 26 and I don't climb steamship stairs for a living.

I'm ready for that long winter's nap, Santa ...

ho, ho, yawn.


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