Thursday, January 18, 2018

hup two three four ...

March.   MARCH!!!!!

Just got word that our brand new house, the one that's being built, the one that is taking A YEAR to be built ... will now be ready FIVE MONTHS earlier than planned.

F.I.V.E.  Months.

No, I'm not ready, why do you ask?   I picked a house that wouldn't be ready for a year FOR A REASON!   I'M not ready to move yet!

And yet ... no one cares.    Um, if a tree falls ... and no one hears it?    Ahem.   A tree just fell.

So, the mighty packing frenzy has begun.  No, the house is not on the market yet; no we haven't even begun to clean it up; no we haven't fixed the windows, the wood floor, the carpet.  BECAUSE WE HAD TILL AUGUST!!!

So ... anyone have any boxes they don't need?



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