Tuesday, January 16, 2018

if a tree falls ...

Nope, didn't hear it.

But I did try out my gardening skills over the weekend. 

Rick has been wanting to trim up the front bushes for many, many moons.  I kept telling him (mostly as a way to simply 'put him off') that if he'd wait until December, the bushes would pretty much cut themselves.  Trees and bushes in Texas ... in the wintertime ... do not flourish.  They do not green and they do not pretty.  They pretty much brown and they pretty much 'stick'.  Yep, we've got nothing but brown sticks in our front yard.

Guess what I learned, though?  Brown sticks are had to cut.  I'm assuming that green ones are, too ... and maybe I'm wrong ... but I've sure got a lot of bumps and bruises and cuts and scrapes and OH, MY ACHING ARMS! to prove that brown sticks ain't easy to cut.  So much for my brilliant idea to have Rick wait until December to cut the bushes back.  So much for Rick's brilliant idea to schedule surgery in December/January and NOT be able to do it .... but be able to remind me of how easy I said it would be in December.

Well, this is January and it was not easy.

But I did it.  And there is a freakin' bloodbath in my front yard.  Well, a 'sap bath'.  There are sticks and trigs and branches and bushes strewn everywhere.  No one told me that I'd have to pick all of that debris up afterwards ...

Know what the bright side is, though?  The pizza man can find us now.  Our address on the front wall of the house is no longer blocked. 

Now ... if I could just lift my arm up high enough for the pizza to actually reach my mouth.


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