Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Warning: Graphic Images Warning: Graphic Images Warning: Grrrrrr.....

Sometimes I just don't have the strength to ................... and other times I just don't have the strength to ......................   You may fill in those blanks for me cuz I just don't have any strength left.


Wait, I'm typing.  That's a good sign.

So ... here's the latest.

Our being-built house began to get ready just a little too quickly.  Suddenly we had a date for closing and we hadn't even put our current house on the market.  I brought in a friend to help me de-clutter the current house ... and the job was so big that we filled up a giant pod (still sitting on my driveway) with clutter still being found everywhere, around the house.

Know what ISN'T CLUTTER?  TV remotes.  My packer packed and packed and packed.  She packed up everything.  She packed up remotes.  Yes, we are TVless.  And yes, we are sad.

But the house finally began to take shape and look purt near ready to put on the market, which it now is.

However, we still couldn't slow down the progress of the house we were having built.  So, we cancelled that one, and bought us a new one.  This is now HOUSE #3 that we have attempted to build.  I've chosen tile and flooring and bricks and carpet and cabinet colors and drawers and who knows what else for TWO HOUSES so far ... and this Friday, I'll go at it again.  Whee.  Picking all those colors and textures and styles and carpet just isn't the fun that it sounds like.  In fact, it's a four hour long experience of realizing that you can't afford what you want and you can afford everything you don't like.  Harumph.

So, the house is for sale, the new house is selected and right in the middle of it all .... Rick does this:

The boy done got the surgery that he has wanted for so long.

This is good.  Except we have our current house on the market and getting Rick and the dog out of the house for the showings is also not the fun that you'd think it would be!

Wanna know what else?

Those pictures you see above?  They upset someone.  They caused someone to say that I had no right to post them.

Know what else?

I don't care!

Ya know that address of my new, soon to be built house?  Said person ain't gonna get my address.

And that makes all of this worth it!

Hello new house, goodbye old house.  Hello surgery and new back and goodbye person who got squeemish!

Life is fun.

Graphic photos are funner.


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