Thursday, April 5, 2018

aloha oy

We'z headin' back to the land of sunshine and industry.  Yep, Hawaii.  It just ain't what it used to be and it just ain't paradise.  It IS industrious, though.  But nope, nothing paradis-y about it no more.  But we're going.  And this time we'll get to actually set foot on Elizabeth's ship.  We didn't do that last time (in October) when we went to surprise her ... and when I went to celebrate turning ... turning ... well, turning THAT number.  Still can't say it.  Let's just say I'm old.

So, we'll take her cruise, watch her work and then head back to the mainland, as the islanders call it.

We'll disembark on a Saturday and oops, couldn't get a flight back until the next day.  Dang.  Have to stay one more day in Paradise ... even though it ain't Paradise.  But it really is.  And day on vacation is paradise to me.

And since we just had to stay one more day ... I had to get a hotel room for said Saturday night.

After studying prices and location and proximity to the beach, I picked out a Marriott, cuz, let's face it, I do Marriotts and Hiltons.  Occasionally I'll even do a Sheraton.  But this time?  It was a Marriott.

I scoured and poured over all of the hotel photos and was surprised to learn a few facts about my beloved little Marriott.  Maybe even about Honolulu in general.

The hotel I picked has a lovely ocean view.  I can only hope that my room gets to share in some of that view ... but what the heck.  If not, I can force myself to go downstairs and see it in person.

But that's not what I really noticed.

I noticed this ...

The lobby.
The empty, empty lobby.

What?  Does no one work here?


Apparently no one works here, either.

And not only that, there's no PEOPLE milling around.  Where are all the people???


No one here ...


No one here ...



No one here!  Not a soul eating or drinking.

Have I landed on Mars?


Heading on over to the convention/banquet rooms, I see this ...

NO ONE conventioning nor banqueting!

What the heck?


More 'no peopleing'.

At least this room has tables, though, in case, you know, I may want to sit down.  Not sure who'll wait on me, though.


Heading back outside to see if the view is still there ... and I decide that THIS won't be my view.  It just won't.  With the kind of luck I have ...


THIS will be my view.


See?  Here's my room.  You can see my awesome view through the window.

And look!

More no peoples.

No one sleeps at this hotel!


Good grief.  I was right.  It ain't Paradise and no one wants to come here anymore.

I'd complain ... but there ain't no one here to listen.


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