Wednesday, April 11, 2018

gettin' ready

Our little rondevous cruise is over a month away.  In fact, it's 5 weeks away.  It's also 38 days away.  It's also not close enough to begin packing for.  And yet, that's what Rick is doing.  Packing.

I'm packing, too, but not for the trip.  I'm packing for a move down the road.  Up the road?  Either way, I'm packing up everything I see.  Rick is packing up everything he sees, too, but he ain't helping me switch houses.  He's readying himself for a vacay.

We're both ready for a vacay.

Rick has been through a not-so-fun surgery and I've been through wall painting, spackling, packing, planting, cleaning, patching, band-aiding and hiding.  I haven't been hiding, but I've been hiding cracks.  I've hidden the dog a few times, too.  The cat pretty much stays hidden all the time, so no worries there.

I've also driven through every drive-thru in Frisco that gives out treats for dogs.  Yes, we head out with our dog every time the house is being shown.  The dog does NOT love it, until we get to Andy's and get him ice cream.  Our local ice cream shop gives out ice cream to traveling pups.  Starbucks givcs out puppucinos and if I could remember the other three places I've learned about, we'd head there as well.  For now it has to be puppucinos and ice cream.

They have finally broken ground on our new house (our THIRD new house ... no, I don't own three new houses ... I just can't seem to hold on to one) and here's a peek at what we're getting.

Apparently we're getting a swimming pool in the front yard.

Oh goody.  More things to patch and repair.

I don't see a bathroom.  Do you suppose we just use that box-thingy?

Here's a better shot of where we're going to be living.

Glad summer's coming.  The spring hailstorms will be killer ...



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