Friday, April 20, 2018

checkin' it all out ...

Since we were forced to give up our half-built house because our main living domain hadn't sold yet, I was forced to select a different house, one that hadn't even broken ground yet.  But all was well, because I actually like THIS house better than THAT house.  THAT house was darn cute, it was ... but THIS house is darn fancy, it is.  And I prefer fancy.

Thought you'd like to see the house that we'll be moving into, now that it's finished ...

This is the site that we were stuck with chose for our final house building project.  
Pretty normal.  No views.  And actually we had no choice.  If we wanted THIS house, it went HERE.


And THIS is the finished product.  All ready for us to move in to.  This was just two weeks later.  That building team works fast!

We took the 'open air' option so we could enjoy those warm summer days ... and pretend we were at the beach.


We paid extra for guest bathroom.  Feel free to stop by and use it.  Our door's always open! 

The guys below are working on MY room.  I picked the corner spot ... so I'd be closer to the restroom.  And any guests that stop by.

This is the room Rick picked.  No bathroom in site.  He says he doesn't need one. 

Good thing Rick doesn't need a bathroom, too.  Our neighbors behind us have too good of a view of his room.  And his bathroom, if he had one.

We ordered a fancy address sign for our front yard.  I wish I could design like that ...

So there you have it.  Our new house.  There may be a few other finishing touches added over the next six months but for now, it's just perfect.  We couldn't be happier.  Even if the house DID have a roof.


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