Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Fearing that my house will never sell, I done went and lowered the price again.  We are now $25,000 lower than when we first started this game.  This silly, silly game.

That's $25,000 that I will not have to buy a new car (I wasn't in the market anyway), $25,000 that I won't have to spend in Hawaii (and yes, I could find a way to spend that in Hawaii) and $25,000 that I won't have to spend online at Zulily.  Shut up.

Hey, maybe I could retire!  Oh wait, I'm not actually getting that $25,000 ...

But, it's all good.  Because our house, the one that's being built, is done and ready to inhabit.  See?  All the walls are up and it's beckoning us in.

It just looks so inviting ...

I can see the front door.  Right there.  Riiight through there.

Good thing there's no rain in sight.


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