Monday, March 24, 2008

Enough already

I'm California born and bred. I'm only a temporary transplant here in Texas so I guess that's why I'll never get used to the pride that these folks have.

And just when I think I've seen everything, I see something else that boggles my mind.

Along the side walls of the freeways, you will see stones with the state of Texas carved into the sides. It just is. They just are. I like that kind of pride and you don't see that in California. Whenever you see an American flag flying you almost always see a Texas flag flying right beside it. Don't see that in California, either. And I can handle that, too.

But enough is enough. Yesterday I was walking along a footpath and the stones were in the shape of Texas. I understand pride but I don't want to walk on it!

Can you just imagine walking through a park in California where all the stones were in the shape of the golden state? Just wouldn't happen.

Then again, these stones were in Austin.

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