Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The missionary comes home

from New Orleans. With disintery.

Liz, tell me you didn't drink the water...

However, disintery (I studied medicine) is the least of her problems. My daughter is a walking case of viral bronchitis, nausea and chills. Yeah, that mission trip won't be forgotten any too soon.

Elizabeth has barely been sick a day in her life (save for a minor cold she had when she was about six) so this one is getting milked to the hilt.

"Oh woa is me. I certainly can't go to school, with this cold... with these chills... with this awful diarrhea... I'm near death, you know."

However, the doctor said that she could since she's no longer contagious. Did she go today? Uh, no.

And that's when I learned that she hadn't finished her German project due last Monday.

By the way, she did have the strength to ask me if she could spend the night with a friend. Oddly enough, I said no.

"But mom... her parents don't care if I'm sick." Sure Liz.

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Anonymous said...

Proud to be a Texan. Kenny and I both have gold jewerly in the shape of TX. He has a ring and I have a necklace.