Friday, March 28, 2008

Oh those Kahles... those other ones.

After returning to school for all of one day (yesterday) Elizabeth had to rest up today from all of the fun. She stayed home... again... today. Not that I liked that. Not that I even knew, until I got a call from Rick telling me that Liz helped him load his phonebook into his new cell phone. You see, Rick was in charge and Liz has him wrapped around her little finger.

"Uh, Rick? Do you think Elizabeth's ever going to return to her classes?"

"Well, she was still sick."

"No. She had a test today and she wasn't prepared."

- - pause - -

"Well, she'll go back on Monday."

Sure. Only if it's a B day and she can have lunch with Kristen. And if they are serving pizza. Otherwise forget it.

I'm starting to wonder if she'll ever see her first period teacher again. Don't count on it, if Rick needs anything else done on his new cell phone...

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Anonymous said...

No surprise here. They are a typical teenage daughter and father.