Sunday, June 29, 2008


This week in Maui has actually been quite important to me. And it's been a great getaway and a good place for me to be during this time.

You see, my brother passed away... today... a year ago. And the events leading up to his death were whirlwind, busy and very emotional. And although I'm in Maui, I haven't been completely unaware of what was going on in my life exactly a year ago.

Sitting here, looking out from my room at the beautiful ocean and the folks out on the beach... is good for me. My mind can actually escape what's been weighing it down for so long. Today is the day that I've vowed to release all that I've been hanging on to for a year.

His death hit me hard. I buried my mother only three weeks prior to that, but her death didn't hit me nearly as hard. Her death was expected. Brad's death was not. And I couldn't let his go.

Maui... do your stuff! Calgon... take me away!

And off we go in our rental car today. Hoping to find some beautiful island scenery. And hoping to find a nice ocean spot along the way to toss all my emotional baggage into. I'm ready to get on with life.

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