Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nervous stomach

I’m in great pain at the moment…

Not that kind of pain. Brain pain.

I’ve been thinking about leaving the job I’ve held for 1 ½ years and trying to find a full time job at one of the schools I work at. I decided to pursue this at the end of the current school year…

When lo and behold, something came my way a bit sooner.

Am I a shoo in? Nope. But do I have a good chance? Yep.

One of my schools has an opening and my name came up. I was asked if I was interested. Uh, yes… even though it was a bit sooner than I had anticipated. Can’t let a good opportunity slip by!

So, I was asked for a resume… and told that the position might not be posted for all to see… they were looking inside first. And here I was. On the inside. Whoopee!

However, after I’ve submitted more than one resume to more than one person… I’ve just been told that the job is going to be posted after all. Ouch, that hurts.

Now I have to go through all the channels, jump through hoops, cut through red tape, etc.

Not all too happy about that…

Anyone up for a prayer? I’d like one. I do want this job (which by the way would be in the counselor’s office) (wouldn’t you just love for me to counsel your child? No?) mostly because it would mean that I could settle into one desk and not travel all over creation everyday. (All over creation? Hey, that's something my mother would say!)

However, I don’t want a job that isn’t right for me.

If anyone has an “in” with God, let Him know what I’m feeling, okay?

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