Saturday, August 7, 2010

Oh what a night!

Late September back in '63...

Just kiddin' about September. Actually it was this past Thursday night. It was one of those nights. Just a perfect night. I was good and tired from working in the house and was actually getting ready for bed early.

The kitchen was shaping up, the dining room was beginning to look like a dining room and all was well.

I decided to skip my shower and instead watch a little TV and retire early. I put on my brand new jammies 'cuz even without my shower I felt like looking cute.

Note to self: Good plan.

And off I drifted to sleep. And it felt good. My bed seemed extra soft that night and even more comfortable than normal. And I found an absolute perfect position to be in. And there was no trace of my 'restless leg syndrome' that night. Yes, life was wonderful.

It seemed like hours but was just barely two hours later when there was a knock at my bedroom door. And the male voice on the other side was NOT a family member of mine. I shiver, thinking about it now. I heard the knock. I heard it again... and then the dog began to bark..

"Mrs. Kahle?"

To Be Continued...


The only person who calls you Mommy said...

I'M super excited to know how this turns out! And I already know! Good writing, Mommy!

The only person who calls you Mommy said...

Mommy! I AM excited and I already know how it turns out! Great writing!