Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ten below

Aah, the first week of school.

And normally, since I work at five different schools, I carry a little space heater around with me. I don't own five so I have to carry one around with me. This may be Texas and it may be hot, but inside the schools it's FREEZING! My heater gets a good workout. In fact, it's rarely off.

School has started for me... but not for the students. This is kind of a "calm before the storm" week and I can go from school to school, getting things ready, without really following my set schedule. I love this week.

But since I have just had the summer off and since I've moved.... there's no telling where my little space heater is. Packed? Perhaps. Maybe it's in my car that's in the shop. My car lives in the shop lately. It's been there since before we moved.

Anyway, where my space heater is... is a mystery to me.

But off I went to school today. Heaterless. And afraid. Very afraid that I would freeze. In fact, today I headed over to my coldest campus. And knowing this, I grabbed my parka and took it in with me. Yes I looked very funny carrying a parka through the parking lot as sweat was pouring off my face. It was at least 110 degrees outside. And here I came with my parka.

I got through the day just fine. I couldn't believe that I was so comfortable. I mean, what on earth was wrong? I wasn't cold! Maybe I was finally adjusting to the freezing temps. Maybe my body was becoming normal. Maybe I was entering Menopause. Maybe I was pregnant. Who cares? It was wonderful! And this particular school instantly became my new favorite school! I could stand the cold!! Yea, me!!!

By the end of the first day, the principal approached me with sweat on her brow and said, "I hope you weren't too miserable. The air isn't scheduled to be turned on until Friday."


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