Monday, October 18, 2010

And the flook goes on...

Woke up early... and thinking all would go amazingly well today, it went downhill from there.

Let's see. Ever have one of those days where you drive to the wrong school, get out of the car and drop everything, then proceed into your office and stumble going in the door... in the sight of about 50 middle schoolers? Then sit down at your desk and discover that the computer has no intention of firing up and even when it decides to show a little bit of initiative, it fails to recognize the scanner that is all important in your line of work?

And then realize that you were supposed to be at a meeting this morning?

And then dash out to the meeting, albeit late, and feel something funny banging into your hip and realize you have forgotten to close your purse and there is now a little trail of personal items behind you, on the ground, for all the world to see?

Yeah, me neither.

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