Saturday, February 26, 2011

Really, I've been here before...

... but you'd never know it.

We landed in Washington D.C.'s Reagan airport around 2:00 today... and I immediately set out to see all of the famous sights we'd seen overhead from our plane as we circled DC.

I saw the Capitol, Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and, of course, the White House. But there was a couple of things I couldn't find from the air.

"Rick, where's the Statue of Liberty? I want you to see the Statue of Liberty."

"Are you taking me to New York, too?"

* Oops *

"I don't suppose we'll get to see 'Ground Zero' either then..."

"I thought you told me you'd been here before. Are you sure?

Well, I was...

I guess geography was not my best subject in the 5th grade, eh?

But oddly enough, it was.


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