Sunday, March 25, 2012

Daisy... Daisy... Tell me the answer true...

I don't know why that song came to mind just now... I guess because there's mention of a bike ride in it.  Or something. 

AND... that's what I did today.  I rode my bike.  Again. 

Have I mentioned that I finally got my bike fixed after nagging Rick about it for, oh, SIX YEARS?  Yep, sure did.  Two weeks ago, IIIIIII took it to the bike shop and sweet-talked the salesman into fixing it for free.  Well, I didn't really sweet-talk him... he was just that nice already. 

So, bike got fixed, no thanks to Rick.  And I took my first and last bike ride that very day.  Yes, my last ride.  I was TERRIFIED.

But it really wasn't my last ride, once I calmed down and began to enjoy the view.  I've now ridden about five or six times... and I really am getting better at it. 

It's true what they say.  Once you learn, you never forget.  I jumped on and had a few shaky moments but before I knew it, I was going full speed ahead and was no longer fearful.  Nope.  It didn't take long before I became fearless.  And it didn't take long before I could ride way more than the two blocks I'd started out at.  I was up to THREE in no time at all.

Today, I conquered more.  I believe I rode five whole blocks, thank you very much.

So, it IS true that once you learn, you never forget.  But what I had forgotten was...


Ow.  Can I hear an "ow"?  All together now.

O. W. I. E.

Would I look silly with a big ol' kitchen chair pad sitting atop that hard little bike seat?  No?  Good.  'Cuz I have a big lime green one that needs a home.  My tushy has no pride.  None.

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