Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

So here I sit...  Can't get anyone up to Black Friday shop with me.  'Cept the cat.  And she only wants to go to Petsmart.

There is some pie left, I think.  Pretty sure there's some turkey, too.  But the pie wins.  That Reese's peanut butter cup sitting on the counter is calling my name, too.  Nope, it's pie for me right now.

I better go shopping.  I'll forget about all the leftover food once I'm in Macy's.  I'll forget that I have no money, too.

I won't forget about my stay here in Tucson, though.  I got to see my daughter's apartment.  Heck, I got to live in it for seven days even.  I got to attend my daughter's church twice.  I had a gluten free Thanksgiving dinner (actually that was my second one since she's been gluten free for over a year now) that tasted mighty good.  In fact, that gluten free pumpkin pie I ate was darn near the BEST PUMPKIN PIE I've ever eaten, ever!!  But the best part of this Thanksgiving?

My daughter.  I got to see that she is alive and well and surviving in Tucson, Arizona.  I've been so concerned about her lately... since she's been in the throes of a Celiac flare up.  But while we've been here in Tucson, my little girl has been well and healthy and happy.  Only one day was she down and in bed... but even that day was tolerable for her.  She is doing well overall and that pleased me no end.

As Rick and I get on a plane today and head back to Frisco, I can rest a bit easier knowing that my daughter is doing very well now.

And for that, I am truly thankful.

Next up... a nail, a high heel and a few bloody fingers.  :)

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