Sunday, March 3, 2013

Gentlemen, start your engines!

On Tuesday, Rick will go in for a routine stress test, to determine if his heart is strong enough to withstand the impending surgery.  They always make him go through this, he always passes it and the surgery always happens.  Although it usually doesn't happen when we want it to.  Yes, that's what always happens.

It seems, apparently, maybe, not sure, but it seems that Rick had some sort of silent heart attack back in 1997 and when he was slated for his first joint replacement surgery in 2003 (hip) they cancelled his surgery and scheduled him for a stress test.  This not only disappointed us, it shocked us, too.  We had no idea that there'd ever been a heart issue nor did we have a clue how Rick would do a stress test... given that he was about to have his hip replaced.  Walk on a treadmill?  Are you joking?? The joke was on us, though.  The type of stress test Rick gets is chemical.  And it's all done by a wand, some dye and a big TV screen.  Yes, that's a stress test for Rick.

So, the stress test is slated for this Tuesday.  And if all goes well (and it always does) the surgeon has promised that he will not move the surgery date.  It will remain on Wednesday.   This, however, is all hinged on whether or not the stress test results can be in the surgeon's hands by 3:00 on Tuesday.

I will be attending this stress test.  I will be the one grabbing the results out of the technician's hands... and hand-carrying them to the surgeon before 3:00 that same day.

I've never had a real stress test.  I never want one, either, 'cuz I wouldn't get the chemical kind.  I'd have to get on a treadmill and run.

But never fear...  I'm ready.  And I'll show them!  I'm ready to grab Rick's results and huff it to the doctor surgeon in nothing flat.  I'm even practicing this weekend... with my own sort of stress test. 

I've got diet coke and I know how to use it.


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