Wednesday, June 12, 2013


My ever clever daughter has just learned a funny, funny lesson.  Well, I think she's learned it, anyway.  Perhaps it's just fueled her on. 

On Facebook, she posted: 

"Welp, nobody texted me in the last couple hours so I guess the entire Verizon network is down."

You do realize that's a joke, right?  'Cuz it was.  A lapse in constant text messages straight to my daughter's phone caused her to write the above ditty.  And guess who responded to it?  Verizon.  Yes they did.  Verizon sent her a message telling her to stay calm and that they were looking into the problems and would make sure that her phone system was up and running very soon.  I kid you not.

THEN on Twitter ...

My darling daughter tweeted ... "probably won't even have good service at the Verizon Theatre" (located in North Dallas, Texas).

Guess who responded to her tweet?  Yes, again.  Verizon Support replied:  Have faith in the Nations #1 network and know that service will be great.  What zip code is the theatre located in?

Like she would even know.  She was just being funny.  Again.

THEN ... because she hadn't learned anything from the two previous posts, she tweeted ...

"Yes, hi, Chobani yogurt company?  I was promised honey at the bottom of this yogurt and there was in fact none.  I will see you in court."

Guess who responded?  Not Verizon.  This time is was Chobani. 

Chobani responded quickly, too.  "You won't find any honey at the bottom of those cups!  There should be a hint of honey mixed throughout."

I kid you not. 

Elizabeth's response?  "Sanity.  It's going.  Nope.  Gone."

I can't help giggling.


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