Sunday, June 23, 2013

the bling ring

Yeah ... no.  Don't bother.

Went to see "The Bling Ring" last night with my daughter ... a girl's night out sort of thing.  I had thought it would be a simple movie out with my daughter but I was quickly corrected when I tried to stop at Vision Works next door to Macy's and pick up my new glasses that were ready.  I was more than quickly told that I had no idea how to participate in a "girls night out" (I do) because on a g.n.o. you do NOT run errands.  You spend time with your girlfriends, only.  Period.

Okay, I not only didn't know the rules, but I didn't know this night was a girl's night out.  Jeesh.  All I was interested in, truthfully, was getting my new glasses and then seeing a movie.  Sigh.

But the evening went off okay (and yes, I did get my glasses) once dinner got underway at The Cheesecake Factory.  Yes, dinner is included in a girl's night out.  Rule number one, I guess.  And so, the evening got underway and all went off okay ... until said movie.  We went mostly because Elizabeth grew up with the ring leader of the bling ring, unknowingly.  No, she was not a part of the bling ring, of course, but we still feel this amazing tie to little Nicky Prugo of the Warner Bros. Day Care.  Yes, that's where they both attended, together.  I knew the story ahead of time (mom's are loyal that way and I was friends with Nicky's mom) and I knew that there wasn't much of a story there.  And ... I was right.  Two hours of watching kids steal from Paris Hilton and then, of course, they all got caught.  That's about it for the story.

But, it was a good evening.  Bad movie, daughter complaining that I did Girl's Night Out wrong ... but I did get to eat at the Cheesecake Factory and I got to relive my earlier days with Nick and his mom.

Should you see the movie?  Nope.  Don't bother.  Unless you are just dying to see a movie with almost no story and you have a spare moment on your hands this week.  If so, hurry.  This movie will not last more than a week.

The funniest part of the whole evening?  Halfway through the movie Elizabeth suddenly wakes up to who this movie is about.  "THAT'S NICKY PRUGO!!!!"  Yes, Dear.  That's why we're here.  It certainly isn't because of my addiction to Paris Hilton ...

Sigh.  If things had gone differently and Liz and Nicky had remained friends ... she could've been Mrs. Bling Ring and I could've been ... wait, I would've been something, right?  Yes.  Grandma Bling Ring.

Yeah ... no.

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