Friday, October 4, 2013

guess where we spent our evening ...

Wherever it was, they had strange animals on the wall.  Strange unicornish animals. 

Clocks chimed midnight, even when it wasn't. 

This oughta be the biggest clue.  No, we were not at a vet ... even though my daughter insisted that this bedlike machine thingy was created specifically to weigh small felines.
Actually it was created to weigh small humans. 
Yes, we were in some sort of nursery.
But this person here twern't no baby.
He just weren't feeling so good. 
Don't we have an exciting life?  If we don't have anything to do on a Thursday, we just head over to the local ER.  Ya know, just cause.
Know what was the best part?  This next photo.
I turned this nurse into a unicorn, too!

By the way, all is well.  Just a little hiccup in our lives right now.

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