Saturday, October 5, 2013

late friday night ...

... or was it early Saturday morning.  Either way, it was an ungodly time of the night. 

But a bright light and a loud noise woke me up.  The bright light and the loud noise turned out to be my television set.  It was on.  Still on.  I had gone to sleep first so Rick was the guilty party that left the TV on when he finally fell asleep.

Once I awoke and saw what had happened, I yelled at him to turn it off.  Only it sounded more like this...


Know what he did?  He denied it.  As usual.  He tried to blame me, even. 

After telling (read demanded) that he turn it off NOW, he hunted around but could not find the remote.  Since I knew he had it somewhere I demanded he look a little further. 

Know what happened next?  He handed me the clock radio.  I kid you not.  He handed me his clock to turn off the TV. 

So being absolutely thrilled with that idea, I made some stupid comment about having to now get up and find the dang remote myself.  Yes, I accidentally said, "Fine, I have to get up and find it."  Yes, I said those words.  I regret saying those words.

Know what happened next?  Neither do I.  'Cept that I found the remote, turned off the TV and we both fell back asleep, until ...

He woke me up at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning.

Wanna know why?  He said, "You told me to."

** blink blink **

"I what?????"

"Last night.  You said, 'I have to get up early.'"

"I did not!"

And yet, I did.  Not the early part.  But I did say, "I have to get up."  That stupid remote caused me to say, "I have to get up."  Rick honestly did hear me say that.  He just added the early part himself.

So, as sleep deprived as I already was, I managed to have me some more fun on Friday night or early Saturday morning.  I can't remember which.  I was too busy turning off TVs with clock radios and getting up early on a whim. 


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