Tuesday, January 7, 2014

and ... he's home

Of course he is.  Just as our deductible was met and the rest of the hospital stay was "free", they shot him out of there, ready or not.  And he truly wasn't quite ready to come home.  He's weak, to say the least.  But, he's home and he's got the remote in his hand again.  Life is good.  For him, anyway.

The dang hospital sent him home in a hospital gown (seriously, guys???) instead of his clothes so if anyone invites me to a Halloween party this year, I've already got my costume!

Here's our dilemna ... Rick has an overactive bladder due to the brain damage from the seizure he had in 1997.  So, for the overactive bladder he takes a strong medicine.  That medicine (Toviaz) allows Rick to get SOME sleep at night.  With Toviaz, he only gets up three or four times nightly to tinkle.  With some of the other pills he's tried, he only had to get up six or seven times.  (Only??)

Okay, so Toviaz was always our drug of choice in that area.  BUT ... now that he was in the hospital for severe bladder issues, they determined that Toviaz was the culprit.  And they stopped the drug.  And now he's up and down EVERY HOUR!  And ... he is EXHAUSTED!  Naturally.  And so am I.  And this is not a good way to live.

I don't know how this story is gonna end but so far it doesn't appear to have a happy ending.

The good news for today is ... Miss Elizabeth is recovering nicely.  She was able to return to work today and to actually eat for the first time in about 4 days.  Everything hurt her so she just skipped eating all together.

Maybe I need to catch me some Celiac Disease.  Just for a week or two.

But then I'd need a brand new wardrobe.

Wink, wink!


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