Wednesday, January 8, 2014

two funny pictures from ...

... the hospital stay.

Okay, not necessarily funny but definitely odd.

During Rick's stay there (five or six days) I could NEVER get a nurse's attention.  IF I saw a nurse, he/she was running elsewhere.  Seriously, the desk out front was never manned.  And the desk at the end of the hallway always had only a doctor sitting at it ... and we all know that they aren't going to lift a finger to do a nurse's work.

Here's how bad it was:

You probably don't notice anything odd yet.  Look again.

In the old days ... nurses would come in and prep your food ... 


Rick was too weak to get out of bed and go to his food.  WHY DID THEY LEAVE IT WAY OVER THERE?

Good grief.  Thank goodness I was there for some of his meals.  He'd had starved otherwise.

And ... now that he's home?  Well, I want him to feel comfortable.  And reminded of his warm and cuddly stay in Centennial Hospital.  So when I prepare his food?  I put it in the garage.  I challenge him to find it.  Just 'cuz!


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