Tuesday, January 14, 2014

bitten by a different kind of bug

sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick

Uh, reallly?

The Kahles have had it with being sick.  It all started on Christmas day when Elizabeth, shortly after opening her gifts, announced that she was dying.  She really was, though.  She thought it was a gluten attack at first but it soon turned into a full blown upper respiratory infection.  I didn't quite see the connection but I did see that she was a sick little girl.

Two days later, I was struck with the upper respiratory thing, too.  I guess I got it from her.   Three days after that?  Well, Rick took his turn at it, too.  Two days later, we were rushing Rick off to the hospital.  We took him in for his upper respiratory issues but the hospital found a severe bladder infection and kept him for five days.  In the meantime, Elizabeth really did develop some gluten issues and wound up in bed for four days.

And yesterday?  I took a turn again.  Upper respiratory thing gone, but suddenly I was having some stomach issues.  And I do mean SUDDENLY. On Sunday, Elizabeth and I went to lunch at the Olive Garden and before my food even came I was shaking and sweating and running to their restroom.  Yes, it came on suddenly.  My body wanted to hurl a meal it hadn't even eaten yet!

And today?  The food issues were resolved but I came down with a bad, bad cold!  And not only that... I had to take Midnight back to the vet for more of her fun bladder issues.

We are having so much fun over here!

Bet you're all jealous ...


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