Saturday, January 18, 2014

life ain't fair

It's Saturday.  The first day of a nice long 3 day weekend for me.  I've worked for the last three days until nearly 6:00 (I get off at 4:00) trying to catch up from missing a couple of days of work.  And you know what it did for me?

I woke up even sicker this morning.    Say what?????  But it's gorgeous out!  (Not that I get to see it.)  And I have a three day weekend!  And, and, and...

So, I'm housebound today.  All was not lost, though.  I did get the Christmas tree put away and I did get a couch moved and I did get 2 chairs moved and I did clean out a closet and I did straighten up the upstairs and even the attic is looking pretty good.  Oh and I did drive Rick to McDonald's to get the new dollar hamburger that he saw on TV.  Yeah, that was worth it alone.  Not.

I'm headed out to a basketball game tonight, too.

So actually, life is going on about as usual.  No rest for the weary and no fun, either.  If I'm lucky, maybe I can even get the kitchen cleaned.  'cuz I ain't got nothin' else to do.

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