Monday, January 13, 2014

bitten by a bug

A month or two or three ago, I announced on Facebook that the acting bug was biting me.  Again.  I grew up acting in plays, musicals and working behind the scenes and ten or so years ago, I laid it all down to rest.  I told the world that I had retired.  I told myself that, too.

When my church decided to turn themselves into a dinner theatre three years ago, I was right there urging them on.  I co-wrote the first show they put on and I directed to actors and coached the little kids in their numbers.  Then I started up an acting group within the church and called it my ministry.  Hard to say no to a ministry you've been given.

So, retire?  No, not really.

And because of the above three shows ... I've felt the pull to get back into it all.  So, I done went and auditioned for a local show.  Didn't get it, but that didn't quelch my desire.

A local theatre group opened up a new theatre and I've been volunteering my time with them.  Not acting, since they didn't want me when I auditioned for one of their shows last year ... but I was taking tickets and selling refreshments.  Nothing any too glamorous, but it still kept me in the theatre.  And ... because I was taking tickets one night not too long ago, I was asked to participate in the next play.  ON STAGE!!  Yea, me!  Here's that particular tale ...

Anyway, I done went and got me in a play.  (The redneck voice you're now hearing in your head is intentional.)  What play, you ask?  THE FOREIGNER.  Yeah, I'd never heard of it, either.  But apparently there are some Ku Klux Klansmen in it and yep, I is a KKK member.

KKK played by KKK.  It's rather fitting.

The funniest part of the whole thing?  I found out that I didn't know much about the KKK.  I was told to wear jeans under my KKK costume because, well, we're redneck.  I casually said, "is this a comedy about the KKK?"  No one quite got what I was asking.  I continued, "You know, are we fake KKK people?  Like are we Texans pretending to be KKK members?"  And several people laughed.

So, I laughed.  I wasn't quite sure why I was laughing but I felt I needed to.

Okay, so how did I know the KKK really were rednecks?  I thought they were Russian dudes.  But Midwesterners?  Who'da thunk?

So, uh, I'm acting again.  And learning some history lessons, too.  And I get to wear jeans and I don't even have to have pretty hair.  It's a pretty good match, if you ask me.


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