Friday, January 3, 2014

Day ... um ... three? four?

It's Friday night and Rick is still in the hospital.  What I thought was going to be a simple little visit is dragging on and on and on.

Normally I like for Rick to be in the hospital and getting better care than I can give him at home, but sadly he has brand new health insurance (as of the very day he went into the hospital) and the fees of inpatient care are high.  Much higher than with his old insurance that we ditched because IT WAS TOO EXPENSIVE.  Silly us.  We were banking on no hospital stays this year.  Ha.  Ha.  Ha.

So, there he sits.  Or lies.  AND I'm wrapping up an upper respiratory infection.  AND ... not to be left out, the dog still has her bladder infection.  It's always fun to give dogs pills.  ELEVEN MORE DAYS of hiding her pills in peanut butter and meatloaf and cookies.  ELEVEN MORE DAYS of pretending to eat the stupid pills first...

And ... if that weren't enough ... my dear, darling daughter showed up on my doorstep this afternoon with our pastor behind her.  Apparently she'd gotten sick at work (why not...) and drove herself home but didn't quite make it all the way.  Instead she made it to the pastor's house and begged him to finish the drive for her.  Her car remains at his house.

Rick remains in the hospital.  The dog remains in her bed.  My Christmas tree remains in my living room.  The dishes remain in the sink.

And... my sanity remains AWOL.

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