Thursday, February 6, 2014

sneak preview

Wanna know what I've been doing with my evenings lately?  Well, here's a hint.

Although it appears that me and 4 of my closest friends could fit into this costume, it's really just for me.  And I am so cute in it.

Wanna see?

Yes Sir, that's me.  In my finest bed sheet.

Below is one of my cohorts.  She gets to hold a gun.  I get to hold a flashlight.  I guess I can't be trusted with a gun.

And below ... the Klan is a clan.  Ready to go on stage when given the cue.

So, uh, why are we all dressed up?

We're in "The Foreigner".  Simply put, we are foreigners ourselves, in the world of Klan, onstage in Frisco, wearing bed sheets for clothing and dunce caps for head wear.  We're totin' rifles and flashlights and we're out scouraging about tonight.

If you happen upon one of us ...


'Cuz I just might flashlight you to death.


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