Saturday, February 8, 2014

what's new, pussycat ?

So, I'm a klansman by night and a radio-contest-enterer by day.  Okay, so maybe this is only the first radio contest I've ever entered, but I'm having fun... and I'll keep my other day job.

Here's the contest:  If you had a crummy wedding, yet you're still married to the dude, you may get to renew your vows on the air.  This week.

Here's the rules:  In 150 words or less, tell KLUV radio why you should get to renew your vows on the air.  And so I did.  I typed up 25 words and almost sent it in... 'cuz I thought the DJ had said 25 words.  Then, just before pressing SEND, I heard them say the correct number.  Good thing I waited!  So I retyped my tale and got it up to exactly 150 words (just in case anyone was really counting) and pressed SEND.  Then I worried that the contest was for bad weddings.  I had a good wedding but a bad honeymoon.  Harumph.  Then I promptly forgot about it.

Here's what I sent off:

My beautiful wedding day was completely spoiled by Hurricane Hugo.  My wonderful new husband surprised me with a trip to St. Thomas immediately following the ceremony.  Hurricane Hugo was looming but I was unaware.  He’d taken great pains to keep that little secret from me.  And off we went, into the dark and doom of a natural disaster.  Fun honeymoon, eh?  No lights, no food, no roof over our hotel room … but tons of water!  Oh my!  Romantic?  Not in the slightest.  Instead, Rick was assigned to beach detail while I worked in the serving lines.  I scooped up a concoction of rice and chicken each night following the storm, to all of the islanders who had lost their homes and had nowhere to go.  Admirable?  Yes.  But this was NO ONE’S idea of a perfect start to a marriage.  We’re still going strong, though!

The next day, I had an email in my inbox:

Dean, Jody W
Thu 2/6/2014 6:54 PM


Have you got time to talk later this afternoon?


WOO HOO!  Was I excited or what?  JD is Jody Dean.  THEE JODY DEAN!  My FAVORITE DJ!!!!  I listen to HIM every morning on my way to work!  All 12 minutes of the drive.

I quickly sent off and "OF COURSE!!!", yes, with multiple exclamation points.

And by the time I left work at 4:00, he had not called.  I got home and checked my phone messages and he still had not called.  Again, I put it aside and went off to be a klansman. 

THE NEXT MORNING, there was a light on my phone.  Was it just a regular ol' work message awaiting me... or was it THEE JODY DEAN calling me.

Nervously, I checked my voice mail and found ...


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