Monday, September 29, 2014

The Shops At Legacy

Elizabeth got word today that she was approved for her apartment.  She wasn't sure that that would happen because there are salary requirements.  Apparently she met them, though.

The moving date moved from Wednesday night, however, to Saturday.  It made more sense.  And it saved her four days of rent.  Hey, that matters!

And so, things are a go and everyone is happy.  Even Rick.  He is concerned about one thing, though, and so am I.

This is Christina Morris.  No, we don't know her and yet we all know her.  On August 30th she was last seen at The Shops At Legacy and is now missing.  Her car was found in the very same parking garage that Liz will park in.

Here's a little bit of the story:

This is the last known photo of Christina Morris, taken before she disappeared early Saturday morning after a night out at the Shops at Legacy. Morris’ silver Toyota Celica coupe was found in a parking garage at 5717 Legacy Drive. Morris is still missing.

There's a lot more to this story, of course, but this is the jist of it and yes, as Liz' parents, we are concerned.  Liz can be impulsive.  Christina Morris was out at 4:00 AM and yes, that was irresponsible.  We pray that Elizabeth won't do that.  We don't want to scare Elizabeth, but we do have to make her aware.

She still seems fine with it all.

And so, the apartment adventure is on and tonight we even shopped online for some couch covers.  The two couches that Liz is inheriting have seen better days ... so a couple of covers can bring them back to life.  I hope.

In other Kahle news ... WE HAVE A NEW DISHWASHER!!

Just as Elizabeth is moving out, we get a dishwasher.  Makes no sense.  The person with the most used dishes will no longer be using dishes.

Go figure.


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