Sunday, October 5, 2014

all changes ~

~ even the most longed for, have their melancholy.

This was a phrase that I really liked when I was in high school.  I liked it so much that I even framed a nice picture of myself for my parents and attached this phrase beneath it.  Never mind that I had no idea what the word melancholy meant.  Never mind that I thought it meant sweetness.  And never mind that two different relatives thought it was the most awesome quote ever.

So, Elizabeth moved out today.  We had a ton of fun moving her with relatives and friends to help.  We laughed, we growled, we groaned and we forgot a few things.  But it really was a very nice day.

I've been looking forward to this day, the day that Elizabeth didn't just go off to college and didn't just go off to a college internship ... but the day that she spread her wings and flew.  Was I emotional?  Nope.  It was a longed for change in the lives of the Kahles.  Was I missing her?  Nope.  Rick and I were looking forward to not being scolded anymore for not exercising ... for eating all wrong ... for not getting enough rest ... and for sitting at our TV and computer way too much.

And so, off she went.  And we smiled.  And then ... suddenly ... without warning ... it hit.

All changes ~ even the most longed for, have their melancholy.    I missed her.  She was off having the time of her life and I was at home, watching TV.  Rick was napping from all of the hubbub of the day and there I sat, on the couch, wondering what Elizabeth was doing.

And I was suddenly sad.

Chocolate cake was my solace this afternoon and yet, there was nobody to yell at me.  Something wasn't right.

Good thing Elizabeth invited us over tomorrow.  Even if it IS just to help her organize her apartment.  It'll be good to see her again.  It's been way too long.


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