Sunday, October 5, 2014


It had been way too long since I had seen my precious daughter and I just had to go and visit her.  I mean, it had darn near been 24 hours!

Actually, she'd invited me over and actually she'd given me a list of things she was missing and oh, by the way, could I stop at WalMart and pick up this and that and them?  And, uh, could we have Chipotle for lunch?

Since my legs were still aching from the move yesterday, I thought, why not?  Let's do all the pain at once and get it over with!  And so I did.

First order of business?  WalMart for sheets.  Liz has a new bed (well, new to her ... and oddly enough one of our guest rooms is missing a bed) and no sheets to go on it.  Second item ... could I please pick up a zebra print comforter?  And finally, could I please pick up a blanket, some feminine products, some tomatoes, grapefruit, bananas and peaches?  I threw in some apples, too ... just for good measure.  And forks.  Liz seemed to have misplaced her forks.

You know ... this moving out business is gonna break me!!

But you'll never guess what's gonna break me even more ....

*** to be continued ***

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