Monday, October 6, 2014

repeating ...

Well, two things are gonna break us.  Let me share the first one with you first.

After switching and changing and dragging and pulling and packing all of the cars and trucks that we could find ... Rick's keys turned up missing.  The only reason we were able to get his car home at all was because I had his spare key on my key ring.  Now normally a missing set of keys isn't all that much to concern yourself with but in this case it was.  It is.  Oh boy is it!

Our house key is on Rick's key ring.  And not only that ... SO IS OUR ADDRESS!  I don't know how I never knew this until yesterday.  Due to his poor, poor memory, he's been keeping our home address AND THE KEY! on his key ring.

Cha ching!  We will now be changing all of the locks out in our house.  DANG IT!  WE HAVE FIVE OUTSIDE DOORS!!!!

My car key is on that key ring, too.  And I only have a leased car ... therefore I OWE MORE for my key!  Not just the standard $5000 to get a new key ... I get to pay double because IT'S NOT MINE!

Not fair.

But ... wait'll you hear what's really gonna cost us the most.  Yep.

*** to be continued ***


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