Tuesday, October 7, 2014

wrapping up

Rick has decided ... and believe me, this is NOT RICK SPEAKING ... that it's time for us to move, too.

Never, no, NEVER have I ever heard these words from Rick.  Usually it's me begging him to let us get a pretty new house.  This time it's me saying NOOOOOO!   I DON'T WANNA MOVE!!!

Well, I do ... because our current house has too much upkeep and too many creaks and moans and yes, problems.  I do want out.  I do know that this is NOT our final home.

But to move now?  NOW?  Huh uh.  I just don't have it in me.

Plus, the last and final home (which I demand that this next one be) must be perfect.  It must have absolutely everything that we need, want and love.  It must have EVERYTHING on our very long wish list OR I'M NOT MOVING!


Know what he did?   He found a house channel this morning and had me watch it.  Hot On Homes.  He turned it on, he pointed out the features that he'd like and he picked the cities he wants to live in.

I.  Kid.  You.  Not.



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