Wednesday, October 8, 2014

there are ...

... no homes in Frisco available to us.  We are not going anywhere.  Well, that's what I told Rick, anyway.

I drove around and around tonight looking for a sign, any sign, that would let me know of a sale.  No signs in any yards.  No signs from God, either.  No, Rick, no signs.

I scoured and and all I could come up with were a bunch of fancy, schmancy homes that did not say Kahle.  Homes with big price tags never say KAHLE.  Right now, homes with little bitty price tags say Kahle but there's none of them out there.  Something about some Cowboys coming to town ... and wouldn't you know it, them Cowboys are doing well right now.  That makes for even less homes that I can buy.

Rick is open to leaving Frisco.  Rick will have to go alone.  Kris is not leaving.  Elizabeth left, but my name is not Elizabeth.

Oh, wait ... Liz lives near lots of nice shops.  Maybe The Shops At Legacy does say Kahle after all...

I have a feeling I'd save more money if I'd just buy one of those fancy, schmancy houses.  Yes, I have that feeling ...


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