Wednesday, October 15, 2014

whew, i'm back!

... even though I didn't go anywhere.  Well, nowhere significant anyway.  I did clean my house, though, and if you know me at all, THAT is significant in itself.  And hey!  My house is looking pretty good right now so come on over!

Wanna see?

This is my bed.  Looks like a little trip around the world, I know... and Rick laughs his head off at my little pillow show up there.  He's always asking, "WHO is this little pillow display for?  Cuz it sure isn't for me..."   Okay, so it's just for me most of the time.  


My friend Sin Yi came to town this week and since she's a realtor, um, my house had to look good.  Well, presentable anyway.

But, that's where I've been all week.  If I haven't been running over to Elizabeth's apartment to take or bring something back ... then I've been scouring the spots that Elizabeth USED to live in.  And her cat USED to live in.  And believe me, between the two of them ... well, let's just say that if a Haz Mat team was available, I'd hire them.  'Cept I know they'd never set foot in our house.  I wouldn't either if I didn't have to.

A few years ago, in Arizona, we really did have to call in some super strength floor cleaners (don't ask) (wait, you can read about it here) it was supposed to be a quiet evening ... and here  Tucson, anyone? after Elizabeth had a battle with Taco Bell.  Yeah, I said not to ask.  It was Stanley Steamer to the rescue.  I wonder if they'd come visit us again?

Anyway, with Sin Yi's visit (which I loved!) my house got clean.  Yeah!  My bed got made.  Yeah!  And it didn't take long - just minutes actually - till Rick had the house back looking the way he liked it.  


Wanna see Sin Yi?   Good.  'Cuz she's very nice.

Wanna know something sad?  We spent so much time at dinner ... that she never got to see my beautiful, almost-never-made-but-was-for-her bed.


My floors did need a good cleaning, though.  At least that got done.


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