Monday, October 20, 2014

25 years again???

We meant to, we honestly meant to ... but we done forgot.  We meant to haul our "wedding" cake out of the freezer and eat it on our anniversary.  Okay, no, NOT our original wedding cake ... our latest wedding cake.  Remember that silly little "redo" of a wedding we had on the radio?  On Valentine's Day this year?  You don't remember????

Here... looky here.

KLUV Wedding of the Year

or, if you want to read about how this didn't go over so well at my workplace ...

Yes, this really happened ...

Ya' know ... I'm just having way too much fun with linking things.

Anyway, I've linked it all up just in case you really don't remember.  Although I'll kill you if you truly don't remember ... not that it's important to me or anything.

So, October 20th is my birthday, yes it is.  And I have no cake in the works.  We are all going out to dinner for the big day and oops, no cake.  BUT.  GUESS. WHAT?  I have something in my freezer that just might work!  It's only been there for what ... eight months?   It should still be good.  Heck, it couldn't be any worse that the real one was back in 1989.

We won't actually know how it tastes until tomorrow night.  But for now, this little diddy is serving as my wedding cake, birthday cake and, if I play my cards right, I think I can make it last until next summer.  Ya know, just 'cause.   Anyone have any big holidays coming up that they need a cake for?  I've got one!


That beautiful silver stuff around the beautiful cake can be used in your windows, I hear.  I'm told it keeps your house cool on sunny days.

Kinda matches the pretty cake plate my dear cake is sitting on.


If we live, I'll let you know how this old cake really is.


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