Thursday, August 11, 2016

dinner anyone?

Heading to my reunion, I got to experience California traffic first hand.    No thanks.

And here's the funny picture I promised you ...

$120 big ones for this meal.

I'm still laughing about it.


Here's a funny one, too:

Okay, so my name's not Larry Wade ... buy my nametag looked pretty darn similar to ol' Larry's.  
$120 got us a name badge that didn't even have our names on them!!!


It says right there that we got Name Badges.  

Okay, okay.  I got a name badge.  So did Larry Wade.  But, uh, WHERE'S MY PICTURE???

It seems that that wasn't all that was incorrect.

If you'll notice ... the year that we graduated high school is incorrect, too.  We had to handwrite our year on the badge.  

And ol' Bill can't even write real goods.

Larry looks a little ticked, too.


I'm not sure they went to high school with me.

Maybe I was at the wrong reunion.  Yeah, that's it.

Maybe I didn't even go to high school.

That's more like it.

These gals I liked.  One I even knew.  Not well, but hey.  A familiar face is a familiar face.

See the girl on the right?  She was a "grasser".  I was scared of grassers when I was in high school.  They ... sat on the grass.  And they cut class.  And did all kinds of evil things in high school.

Know what I've learned now that I'm older?  I've learned that you can actually talk to grassers and they even answer back!  I simply said ... because I'm not afraid of them anymore ... "So, uh, what did you do up there on the grass?"

Know what they did?  You'll be shocked.

They smoked cigarettes.

Pretty darn tame by today's standards.  Back then, that scared me to death.

Leah, the grasser on the right, said she even cut class once.


Here's what I did on the way home ...

Same thing.  

'Cept I was dreaming about this:

It was so delicious.


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