Saturday, October 8, 2016

run around sue

Hey, look!  I'm already packed for my next trip!

Just made plans to head back to Idaho ... to 'close' on the new place.  And furnish the new place.  And pretend that I don't mind that a stranger is going to be living staying in my little new place.

And shutting me out from spending Thanksgiving with my little new family.

Yeah, no.  I don't mind.


But seriously, I am getting ready to pack again.  I'll be heading back there at the end of October.  'Cuz that's when I become rich, I guess.  The lifestyle I've been leading ... one would have to be rich to do.  

I'll be buying a condo's worth of furniture very soon.  

And letting someone else live on it.  And sleep on it.  And dine on it.  And tinkle in it.



Life is SO not fair.  I won't even be home for the little trick or treaters in Frisco.  I won't even get to hoard all of the extra candy.  Know what I will get to do, though?

Buy TONS of candy and convince Rick that TONS of kids come to our house for Halloween.  AND THEN WE'LL HAVE ALL THAT CANDY LEFT OVER!!!!!

Watch.  This'll be the one year we run out of candy....

wink, wink


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